SoundingCA & Sounding Walks (2020)

443Mhz to InfraRed. Where the Sounding team are invited to take the Sounding work to exhibit at THEMUSEUM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada! Thanks to Creative New Zealand and Otago Polytechnic we were able to go.

woman with augmented umbrella

Thanks also to having a new set of BLUNT umbrellas to play with and needing to work with smaller oceans of sound we upgrade the augmentation and replaced the radio frequency waves sound files trigger with Infrared. The fabulous creative technologists Tania Turei and John Paul Pochin upgraded the otolith shape and interior structure and technology. We also had the great good fortune to include the world expert on anthropogenic noise and the impacts on marine species – Dr Lindy Weilgert.

Visitors to SoundingCA can listen to Lindy and our own renowned scientist Dr Liz Slooten and whales! The work links our own recovering Southern Right Whales with the very endangered North Pacific and North Atlantic Right Whales. Sounding walks offers the chance to practice echolocation skills around the rest of the exhibitions in the fourth floor gallery space. Finding further information about how it works and of our increasing impacts on our marine neighbours.

Agents for Change | Facing the Anthropocene, co-curated by Nina Czegledy and Jane Tingley, presents ten interdisciplinary women artists working on the theme of ecological change at the intersection of science, technology and art. Canadian and international artists include Diane Landry (QC), Donna Legault (ON), Maayke Schurer (ON), Liz Miller (QC) and Elaine Whittaker (ON), Kristine Diekman (USA), Olga Kisseleva (FR/RU) and Pinar Yoldas (TR/USA), as well as artist duos Caro McCaw and Vicki Smith (NZ), and Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits (LV).

Currently at THEMUSEUM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

oceanic umbrellasambulatory umbrellas